ALN Attends ELRIG Networking Event

Members of the ALN recently enjoyed the ELRIG networking event at Alderley Park – Leveraging Capabilities at Alderley Park. Receiving insights into startup growth and developing contacts in the local industry. If you are looking to enter this space or wish to engage with Alderley Park tenants please get in touch.

Alderley Park
Alderley Park: The home of the ALN

Networking Events


The ALN Welcomes a New Member

The ALN is excited to announce that Sci-telligent director Justin Morley has joined the ALN. Justin brings industry leading scientific and business intelligence programming expertise to the group and will lead projects of this nature within the group. See the link below to learn more about sci-telligents capabilities.

Project Pitfalls

In a complex technology project it is important to choose a partner that has experience of what you are trying to implement. At the A.L.N. we have over 100 years combined experience in life science technology including analytical systems, robotic systems, instrumentation and consumables.